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Unique personality

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Pros: Vendange original female bag Vintage leather backpack female simple box Fashion leather bag
Cons: Full grain leather
Tech specs:
It is characterized by complete
Retention of grain surface,
Clear, fine, compact pores, irregular arrangement
Plump and fine surface, and full of elasticity It is characterized


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Pros: It's wonderful and rare. The bag is full of personality and is different
Cons:Exquisite, from the charm of the brand
Tech specs:
The simple and fashionable cutting design combines The feminine softness with the softness of the bag
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Pros: Each bag is a magic accessory
Which perfectly reflects the personality and temperament of a mature woman.
Cons: Versatile, practical and noble temperament are the core beauty of this bag
The solid color material moving curve makes the bag versatile, natural and brilliant
and the proper buckle plasticity shows the female style

Tech specs:
The material used in the backpack
Is waterproof and very wear-resistant
A belt to share the weight of a backpack



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Pros: Large backpacks have inner aluminum frame or outer aluminum frame to support the package
Cons: and small backpacks have hard sponge or plastic plate to support the package.
Tech specs:
The comfort of straight backpack and the convenience of aluminum shelf Backpack


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Pros: Elegant, chic, clever, beautiful, exquisite and lovely
Jasper, small and exquisite
Sexy, glamorous, fashion
Cons: The big travel bag is similar to the mountaineering bag but the shape of the bag is different
Tech specs:
There are many kinds of small travel bags
So we must choose comfortable ones, not just the appearance.

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Big brand

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Pros: F even in heavy rain will not leak
It is designed according to the natural curve of the human body
So that the bag body is close to the back of the human body, so as to reduce the pressure of the strap on the shoulders. These bags are waterproof
Cons: Expensives
Tech specs:
This kind of collocation is wonderful and rare. The bag is full of personality and different.
Exquisite, from the charm of the brand. The simple and fashionable cutting design combines the feminine softness with the softness of the bag

Super cute

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Pros: In addition to mountaineering, it is also widely used in other adventure sports (such as drifting, desert crossing, etc.) and long-distance travel.
Cons:The large travel bag is similar to the mountaineering bag
Tech specs:
But the shape of the bag is different.
Which is very convenient for taking and putting things
The front of the travel bag can be opened through the zipper
Pros: All kinds of bags should pay attention to the strap, and backpackers will pay more attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the strap, especially when selecting
The design is elegant, the lines are smooth, the appearance color is bright, and it is very practical, fashionable, simple and generous, which is most suitable for you with high grade
Cons:Elegant colors, romantic flowers throughout the package
Tech specs:
, two popular elements, wrinkles and sweet flowers with the use of a very good place
The sweet package of lady style is small and lovely, which is indispensable for fashion girls

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